apfpm and IPMA meets in Hong Kong to working together to promote PM in Asia and the Pacific

IPMA's ExBo members met with apfpm VPs in Kowloon Regal hotel on July 26th, 2014, to have a first meeting after a MoU has been signed. Dr. Chan and Mr. Rai, two VPs, represented apfpm in this important meeting. The purpose of the meeting was, as IPMA's ExBo meeting taking place in a non-MA country for the first time, to look into avenues as to how to promote, advocate and sensitize Project Management in Asia and the Pacific. Further, role of apfpm, as a regional voluntary organization, as a facilitator to link up with the IPMA was also highlighted. The follow up of the meeting will take place during IPMA World Congress in Rotterdam, the Netherlands in September and October this year. It is expected that more concrete strategies will be laid out during the meeting. 

In the meeting, other MAs from the region also participated. Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal and Hong Kong itself participated in the meeting as well.